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sketch (colored or grayscale)

bust ⎯⎯ 5 USD

half body ⎯⎯ 10 USD

full body ⎯⎯ 15 USD

i am currently only doing sketch commissions +character ⎯⎯ +60% turnaround time is about 1 month at most. i will not draw pornographic work.

i may turn down your commission request for any reason.


terms of service

you acknowledge that i'm a digital illustrator and my work is digital only, meaning there WILL NOT be any shipping of physical goods.

as the original artist i maintain all rights to my works; including but not limited to publishing the work on my socials and adding it to my portfolio. if you would like me to keep a commissioned work private, you may ask me to do so.

credits to me (@homuku_) or a link to one of my socials must be explicitly present whenever showcasing my work.

commission cost sum must be paid to me in full via Cashapp, PayPal invoice, or Ko-Fi before i will begin drawing.

excessive changes after the sketch stage or high detail/complexity will be subject to extra fees.

no one is allowed to mint my artwork as a NFT (non-fungible token); i also strictly prohibit the usage of my work for AI learning.

refunds of any amount are only possible when the artwork is AT MOST halfway done:...artwork not started ⎯⎯ full refund...halfway done ⎯⎯ 50% refund. funds will be sent to your account under your provided method of payment.


my work is for private use only unless explicitly authorized by and coordinated with me.

commercial work and terms of usage of my work for commercial purposes must be coordinated beforehand by the commissioner with and authorized by me.



psychological oneshot comic i am currently working on.talented musician and singer kaname created her band "dreamweaver" as a child with the goal of inspiring and being remembered.

her arrogance gets the best of her, and she's faced with an obstacle to her goal... "know my name” follows her one-sided rivalry with another musician and her struggle with self-worth as she tries to determine her place in the world.

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rizzsauce universe

possible comedy web series of some kind following two shutin loser roommates (plus their neighbors).

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talented and savvy, works hard to present only this image to other people. (she makes sure to never hurt others while doing so) feels she was born to be a star and can't accept anything less. derives her value from her accomplishments (mainly attractiveness and musical skill) and being liked by others. because of this she can be socially awkward. she desires to do as she pleases without fear of judgement. does her best to do what she wants where she can manage it (e.g. dressing differently from other people despite being seen as weird for it). kind and pays a lot of attention to her friends. best friends with avery. (who has a harder time noticing differences w/ kaname). goes skating with him and kat sometimes (she skateboards but isn't the best at it. this doesn't really bother her because it's not something she's prided herself on). throughout the story she questions her place in the world and reasons for living after meeting frey because she views them as better than her in appearance and skill. themes of body dysmorphia. ennagram 3w4

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acts dramatic (like they have chunibyo) not out of attention but a simple desire to have fun and be themselves. they are often shunned for this behavior of which includes a strange matter of speech. wishes to be able to fit in but refuses to change themselves in order to do so. they feel comfortable with the members of dreamweaver because they are equally as weird as they are. to frey, kaname is similar to them (this observation is supported by other people) but she is able to fit in with normal people. frey becomes frustrated with kaname pushing them away because they want to figure out what their differences are. joined dreamweaver as a fill-in keyboardist for kat who had sprained her wrist. later joined as a secondary guitarist after making up with kaname. very skilled pianist enneagram type 4w5

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always searching for a good time. a bit airheaded and clueless. because of this he has a hard time noticing differences in others behavior. does his best though. best friends with kaname. skates with her and kat (he skateboards usually). doesn't have as much of an interest in music as the other dreamweaver members but enjoys being in the band and playing with his friends. enneagram type 7

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#SWAGIPINO talks strangely (swearing and says yolo and swag and the like but also talks like a 2010 scene kid). despite this is good with people and can understand their capabilities and personality very easily. self-love advocate. the music she plays is on the electronic side. learned to play keyboard from danny. handles mixing and digital records for the band. skates with avery and kaname, sometimes a board sometimes rollerblades. i can't figure out whether she'd be straightedge or blazing it up all the time. enneagram type 2

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doesn't talk much. can appear pretty intimidating at first but is definitely the kindest of the band. kinda takes care of everyone. also the oldest and most responsible. gets tired often. may be found sleeping on kat like well, a cat. taught kat how to play keyboard. comes from a wealthy family and was raised playing piano. eventually switched to drums instead (to the lament of his parents). knowledgeable in music theory and composition. found his interest in jewelry from making the band's bracelets as a child. enneagram type 8

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roommates with sauce neighbors with lettucelover1403 and wagecuck guy who likes to prank people (EVIL EVIL PRANKS) and play video games. listens to the joe rogan experience and powerscales need i say more. always has an evil little grin on his face. age: 20 likes: hot women, fucking with people, league of legends 💀(and the like), goku, rick and morty. loose shirts and sweatpants, telling kids to kill themselves on video games and dunking on them dislikes: the sun (he gets burned like a vampire) fun facts:
-wears shitty hentai t- shirts and also shirts with goku on them
-banned on csgo 4 times -has a really fucked up real name that he hides from everyone. looks around everywhere locks his doors closes his blinds whenever he has to type his real name. bc of this he always goes to doctors appointments by himself and probably disguised even.

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roommates with rizz neighbors with lettucelover1403 and wagecuck ocd germaphobe who jerks off all day. acts like a wine mom with wisdom and prophetic visions. has some fucking screws loose (not that obvious at first aside from the germ ocd which can be hidden a bit) but unlike with rizz its less funny. barely showers because the water makes him feel less clean. less of a prankster guy than rizz but does prank him back, meaning he does it in the most inappropriate way possible (like theyre not even pranks theyre just stupid or an actual threat to life). only reason their apartment is clean. he can be a voice of Somewhat reason when rizz comes up with a ridiculous idea. age: 20 likes: hot women, alcohol (rubbing and the drinking kind, both clean stuff) wine especially, cranking his dick all fucking day whats his problem, his mint magazine collection (yes it contains porn), his cling wrap collection, his cleaning product collection, bladee (facepalm) dislikes: GERMS, anything he is not absolutely positive is clean (because of this he does most things that need to be done himself), people touching his stuff fun facts:
-face goes blank when angry/confused (? its multiple emotions hard 2 explain its up 2 vibe)
-everything in his room is covered with plastic -may prank without reason but often it's because rizz angered him a ridiculous amount of time prior and sause held a grudge since then. these pranks are always ridiculously over the top and unnecessary and a threat to life EXAMPLE: rizz put sand in sause's food or something like a year ago so sause gets rizz to have no fluids/food in his system and then strands him in a desert. strategic abt it -went to a private catholic school most of his childhood they probably fucked him in the head though because he's crazy -kinda actually believes he's an intellectual and possibly a prophet (more logical deduction and weirdness rather than genuine delusion)

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roommates with wagecuck neighbors with rizz and sauce neighbors and friends with rizz + sauce and roommates with jessica (wagecuck). neet airheaded 4chan browsing twitch streamer fujoshi who advocates for drinking and driving (half joke). should shower more really. unemployed other than twitch streaming, insists its a real job. age: 20 likes: lettuce, yaoi, yuri also tbh (denial), gaming, fucking with people online (she usually makes stupid mistakes when typing or in her argument and gets owned like a nerd), making up fake stories on reddit and such, lowkey a bit of a pick me dislikes: wagecuck and also wagies fun facts:
-actually used to be a normal-ish character until i put her in rizzsauce ofc
-irony drowned. even she cant tell if anything she does is ironic or not -homophobic (pan in denial) in the chill way. talks 2 another girl and is like oh youre gay haha you dont like me do you. (lowkey malds when they dont) -goes over to rizz and sauce’s to game and watch rick and morty -she has a reddit account where she posts fake wholesome lesbian storytimes which are kinda secretly homoerotic fanfiction she's writing about her x wagecuck mmm wagie..farms karma and sets up burner accounts to comment homophobic shit and claps back on the farm account. -she posts some of the pics she gaybaits w reddit on on her more private instagram where shes not lying really. heads of lettuce are always included in the photos. "jessicaaa let me sit in ur lap im cold teehe WE SUCKIN ON THA TEET TONITEE WITH THE WAGE CUCK TONITE 💸 💸 💸 💸 🛍️ #SOYLIFE" most of the account is shitty dubstep edits of heads of lettuce -lowkey misogynistic as are rizz and sause

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wagecuck (jessica)


roommates with lettucelover1403 neighbors with rizz and sauce the only normal person in this series, even objectively she is not out of the ordinary. the poor woman has been called wagecuck by lettucelover so much that her real name is in parentheses. actually has a job. college student. would definitely rather move out than live with lettuce but stays because the rent is cheap/some circumstance i don't know right now. subject to lettuce's namecalling and stink torture. does not like her. age: 21 (?) likes: aquariums, crystals dislikes: lettucelover1403 fun facts:
N/A so far :(